Leach Pad Crossings

Our offer, which ranges from TV 68 to deep corrugation steel, allows us
to provide a solution for all types of projects according to dimensions.

Tecnovial, a leading company in the development of systems for road and mining infrastructure, has created a wide range of corrugated steel structures. Corrugated steel structures are a highly competitive solution thanks to their significant advantages:

  • Structural resistance: Regardless of the specified corrugation, its structural resistance allows it to support large loads for use in bridges and underpasses. Because it is flexible and elastic it has high resistance to earthquakes.

  • Efficient Transportation: Because it is composed of prone to be bolted plates, it can be transported to remote and difficult to access areas. As an example, a truck with a flat ramp can transport about 500 meters of 800 mm pipes.

  • Easy assembly: The installation of the structure does not require specialized personnel or equipment.

  • Ecological and reusable: The structures can be easily disassembled and transported in case of relocation. Also steel is 100% recyclable which makes it an environmentally friendly solution.

  • Durable: Steel is a high strength material that can be complemented with a Magnelis finish, and other coatings such as galvanization and epoxy.

The structures are provided in different corrugations depending on the required use, dimensions, and type of load. The protection scheme to be used will depend on the chemical aggressiveness of the soil and the lifespan expectancy of the project.

It should be noted that Tecnovial can manufacture all of its corrugations in Magnelis steel that offers up to 10 times higher protection than traditional galvanization. The following image indicates the different types of corrugation according to the required dimensions. However, we recommend always consulting our engineering department, in order to optimize your project.

Corrugated Steel Structures are ideal for:

  • Sewers
  • Underpasses
  • Bridges
  • Road Crossings
  • Tunnels for Service and under Stockpiles
  • Minor Drainage Structures
  • Covers for conveyor belts
  • Rainwater dissipation systems
  • Water retention tanks




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Defensas Certificadas Metal Madera Camino Cajón del Maipo

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